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Riddles- Fun and Games!

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Here's a few riddles and jokes I learned today! Tell them to your friends and family members!


Q: So a father and son are driving in a car. The car crashes, instantly killng the father and the son is badly injured. Rushed to the emergency, he is scheduled for an imediate operation. But then, the doctor walks in, and says, "I can't operate on this boy! He is my son!" So, what happened?

A: The doctor is the boys mother! Feel pretty bad for instantly thinking the doctor was a man, didn't you....


Q: Two mothers and two daughters walk into a reatraunt. Each of them order a different thing on the menue.....but the menue only has three items! How did this happen?

A:There was a girl, her mother, and her mother! Three generations! The mother was also a daughter to the the other mother.

Tour of my Website!

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Hi new comers! If you have recently found out about my webite, then hello! This is your chance for a tour!

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My Writing- This is my writing page, obviously enough. Here, you can read my storys while they are being written- thus forth, the point of my website! Almost every other day or so (When I feel like it) I will update and add more to my story, so keep coming back to my website to see what happens next! To go to My Writing, click HERE!

D&D Short Stories-This is more of my shorter stories. They are usually finished around 3 days to a week, so if you don't feel like always coming back to my website EVERY day, read some stories here! These short stories are based on adventures my character has through the magical realms being an elven rogue theif. So, if you are lookingfor more of an adventure based stoyry, filled with action, go HERE!

Subscribe- This is where you can subscribe to my website! Here, you can put in your email, and you will be informed through email when my website is upsdated. Trust me, it is worth it! All information is kept private, so you don't have to worry about intruders. Seriously, I can't even see your email! Anyways, to subscrbe to my website, go HERE!

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Thankyou for visiting my website!

Ms. Mason and the Blue Bracelet

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Okay, sorry you guys! I heven't exactly been working on my first story very often. It's just on my priority list I want to finish up my short story first at D&D Short Stories  Check it out, and don't forget about Ms.Mason's bracelet. It might become of importance later in the story. Thanks for looking at my website! 676 Pageveiws! (: Thanks!

(blue jade)

Day 12

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Im in MIchigan! Also, 525 pageveiws! To share my experience of my trip, I wrote a short story to post today! (: Hope you like it. (Nonfictional)

As my grandmother drove me home, I stuck my head out the window- a dog catching the breeze. The warm swirled around me, and I sighed a gentle sigh of pleasure. I loved the warmth and humitity, though it seemed a burden to others.

"Put your window up! It's 90 degrees in here!"My grandmother snapped me out of my day dream iand into real life.

I reluculantely rolled up my window, clicking to up switch, closing up the wall blocking me from my beloved fantasy world. 

Suddenly, we saw it. At the same time, looking over to our right, a shirtless jogger with a 6 pack and only muscle fat ran by us, his skin drenched in sweat. I swear I could hear my grandmother's heart beating out of her chest, her eyes sparkling in wonder.

"Wow, he's a hotie!" she managed to say.

But though the man was thoroghly covered in such a lovely sweat, dripping out of every pore in his skin, my eyes were elsewhere. My eyes gazed upon and 89 year old, back hunched over, his fanypack hanging over his hips. 

I sighed a sigh of true love as he as he slowly "jogged" down the road, what little hair he had swaying in the evening breeze.

"Wow, he's a hotie!" I managed to say. 

Okay okay, this isn't completely true, as I don't really crush on old guys, (You caught me there!) but this actually did once happen!:)

Hullo people out there reading this title at this very moment! (:

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Ug. I havent done anything to my website for a week, and my statistics have plumeted to rock bottom. I only have x ≤ 1 person veiwing my website a day! YIKES! Well, that's what I get for taking the week off. So next week I will be spending my nights in Michigan! Hoorah! Super fun! My favorite part about michigan is probably in the summer, when it rains, but the air is hot. It feels so cool!:P So next time you read this, I'll be writing it in Michigan!

Day 11

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Ha ha ha! If you guys saw my website yesterday, then you would know I had a little trouble with my story, as my writing COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED! Sorry about that- technical difficulties! If you guys are scared that all of my work is gone forever, then thankyou, but you can let out that breath you've been holding for a while! Don't worry, this is exactly why I have another copy of my work on my google drive. The only problem is that sometimes I'll be reading over my story- correcting it, and I forget that Im correcting my gogle drive copy, not the website copy, so I have to correct the other one, afterwards! :P Love you guys! Thanks for reading my website!


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Stars and Clouds: Day 10

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In the next part of my writing, I am calling it "Stars and Clouds" find out why by reading my online story. Did anyone hear that J.K. Rowling just finished another short story about Harry Potter? This one is about afterwards, how witches and wizards reacted in the meaning of clothing. Super Cool. Guess what? I'm at 400 pageveiwers! Thanks you guys! Don't forget to subscribe, and check out my facebook, twitter, and instagram accounts. (Try to stick to twitter though, because that's where most of my updates will be!) Thanks!

Day 9

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356 Total pageveiws! Thanks you guys! :D

I've spread out....check it out!

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Hey you guys! I'm spreading out and creating different accounts to get out there and promoting my website! So here are some links and usernames to my accounts!

Facebook Profile- Read WhileWritten

Facebook Page- Read While Its Written

Twitter Username- @read_written

Instagram Username- @readwhileitswritten

Day 8!

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246 people have veiwed my website so far! Thanks, you guys! I'm still waiting for people to send me messages, comments, and subscribing, but no one wants to. :/ Remember, if you subscribe, then all account and personal info is kept private! Please subscribe! I need to know there are people out there reading my website! :(

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Day 7

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Okay, wow. So, so far, I've introduced the main characters, Sam and Maddie, including the old man, who you will figure out what the heck he is later in the story. Tomorrow I'm going to explain Sam I Am, and Maddie- Bear further with their age height, and what they look like. For now, though, you're going to have to use your imagination on how they look, because I don't want to give to mich away. I'll see you tomorrow and wait 'till I have by then. With the introduction of Sam, you can probably see kinda how he acts and takes things, but boy do I have more suprises in store for you! Keep coming to my website to see what happens next time. Thanks! :P

Day 6

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Well, the pageveiwings are going down a bit, but that's probably because I haven't updated my website in a while. I've been super busy lately, but I swear that I will definately write a lot and catch up on saturday- or even this friday. (;

Day 5

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145 veiwings!


Day 4

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Guess what you guys! 124 total veiwings! Pretty good for the first four days of owning this website, huh? Thanks for all of your help, but pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase don't forget to post a comment or share me on facebook. To send a message, just go to contact. Hope to see some news messages soon! (: By the way, under "contact" you can also subsrcibe to my website! Don't worry, all information will be kept private, and you will get updates through email on any new posts on my blog or writing. :D

P.S. Thanks Jen for you comment on my last blog entry! It's nice to know the pubic cares. Keep posting comments and sharing ideas!

Day 3

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Guess what you guys! I have gotten 40 veiws! Please don't forget to contribute any ideas or anything to my writing! Thankyou for all of you help, and have a nice June 3rd! By the way, here is what might be what my main character might look like!

Day 2

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So, in the beginning, The setting is a small home with one comfy red chair near the fire, but the chair is angled towards the window. I want there to be an old man, bitter and cold, purposely puting himself away from the warmth and towards the cold. I mapped out a bit of a picture of how I'd like to describe it.

Day 1

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Well you guys, this is my first blog entry, and, well, I'm ready to get writing! Please help me with any new ideas or anything, and don't forget to fill out a contact form so you can post comments and ideas on my stories!:D


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