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Posted on July 30, 2014 at 3:55 AM

Hi new comers! If you have recently found out about my webite, then hello! This is your chance for a tour!

Home- This is the main menu page. Here, you can find out more about my website, subscribe, read about me, and look at my cool logo! :P To go to Home, click HERE!

Blog- This is my blog posting page. Here, you can find out about my daily how-abouts and keep updated on new activity about my website. I may also write about my thoughts on some of my writing. Keep imformed! To go to Blog, click HERE!

My Writing- This is my writing page, obviously enough. Here, you can read my storys while they are being written- thus forth, the point of my website! Almost every other day or so (When I feel like it) I will update and add more to my story, so keep coming back to my website to see what happens next! To go to My Writing, click HERE!

D&D Short Stories-This is more of my shorter stories. They are usually finished around 3 days to a week, so if you don't feel like always coming back to my website EVERY day, read some stories here! These short stories are based on adventures my character has through the magical realms being an elven rogue theif. So, if you are lookingfor more of an adventure based stoyry, filled with action, go HERE!

Subscribe- This is where you can subscribe to my website! Here, you can put in your email, and you will be informed through email when my website is upsdated. Trust me, it is worth it! All information is kept private, so you don't have to worry about intruders. Seriously, I can't even see your email! Anyways, to subscrbe to my website, go HERE!

Sign Up and Login- In login, you can not only subscribe to my website, but become a part of it. Here, you can sign up, and become a member! If I trust you enough, I can even change your membership, and let you edit my website. Also, when you become a member of my website, the you can see my secret posts I only post for members to see! seeeeeecccccrrrreeeetttt! To sign up, go HERE! If you are already a member, than Login to the member's lounge HERE!

Comment or Message- This is where you can comment tof message me about my stories. Give me some ideas on what to write! To coment, go HERE! And to message, go HERE!

Thankyou for visiting my website!

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Read a story while it's being can make comments and suggestions to the writer to change things in the story to your liking......keep in contact by subscribing to the website and you will be emailed for updates (all info. is kept private).....Read the writer's blog to see what she is thinking about her writing