Day 12

Posted on July 24, 2014 at 8:55 AM

Im in MIchigan! Also, 525 pageveiws! To share my experience of my trip, I wrote a short story to post today! (: Hope you like it. (Nonfictional)

As my grandmother drove me home, I stuck my head out the window- a dog catching the breeze. The warm swirled around me, and I sighed a gentle sigh of pleasure. I loved the warmth and humitity, though it seemed a burden to others.

"Put your window up! It's 90 degrees in here!"My grandmother snapped me out of my day dream iand into real life.

I reluculantely rolled up my window, clicking to up switch, closing up the wall blocking me from my beloved fantasy world. 

Suddenly, we saw it. At the same time, looking over to our right, a shirtless jogger with a 6 pack and only muscle fat ran by us, his skin drenched in sweat. I swear I could hear my grandmother's heart beating out of her chest, her eyes sparkling in wonder.

"Wow, he's a hotie!" she managed to say.

But though the man was thoroghly covered in such a lovely sweat, dripping out of every pore in his skin, my eyes were elsewhere. My eyes gazed upon and 89 year old, back hunched over, his fanypack hanging over his hips. 

I sighed a sigh of true love as he as he slowly "jogged" down the road, what little hair he had swaying in the evening breeze.

"Wow, he's a hotie!" I managed to say. 

Okay okay, this isn't completely true, as I don't really crush on old guys, (You caught me there!) but this actually did once happen!:)

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